Left of Bang Academy

Learning new skills requires practice. Public safety and homeland security professionals need a safe place to develop their situational awareness abilities and hone their decision-making. Affordable and asynchronous access to the tools, resources, and exercise shouldn’t be a challenge that professionals face in their jobs.

The “Left of Bang Academy” is where subscribers can develop expertise in behavioral assessments, master the process of establishing baselines, and put into practice the observations taught in the book Left of Bang and Tactical Analysis Course.

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Active Threat Response Articles

Articles that provide guidance and lessons learned for public safety professionals developing active threat response and recovery articles.

Practice Exercises

Where professionals pursue mastery in the science of reading behavior, establishing baselines, and getting left of bang.

Baselining Exercises

Exercises that put the hasty and deliberate search into action.

Assessing Individual People

Exercises that deepen your file folders for assessing people as being in the Dominant, Submissive, Uncomfortable, and Comfortable Clusters.

Assessing Groups of People

Exercises to practice assessing and identifying the four relationships observed in groups: intimate, personal, social, and public in real settings.

Assessing the Environment

Exercises to better understand whether the area you are observing is a habitual area or an anchor point.

Exclusive Content

Articles reserved for Left Of Bang Academy subscribers.

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